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A manifesto, of sorts

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I believe that if you choose to live and work in this country, the ability to speak, read, and write in English should be a requirement. No one is forced to come here; it is a choice. By choosing to make a living in the United States, a person should acknowledge certain societal norms, namely, the way in which businesses and most people communicate. If you speak other languages, that’s fantastic. No one can or should be kept from using their native tongue with friends and family. But if a person is conducting business with English speakers, which you have to do as someone living in this country, have the courtesy to know the language in which your customers and peers communicate.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that some stereotypes are true. Racism has taken on a life of it’s own, and there seems to be no gray area in a discussion of racial beliefs or remarks. It’s as though burning a cross in the name of white power is the same as Newsweek citing that 50% of African-American children are raised without a father figure in the home. That isn’t racist; it might not be completely accurate, because statistics can easily be skewed, but it is simply pointing out nuances in different cultures. Not all stereotypes are bad, either.

I believe that being politically correct can often hinder the progress of an honest discussion or debate.

I believe that it is unfair to expect someone to have one dimension. Human beings are contradictory by nature. I may be ‘conservative’ on certain issues and ‘liberal’ on others. If you disagree with my opinions or analysis on a particular subject, that’s fine, but that one opinion does not define me as a person, just as one act in my twenty-one years of living does not represent the whole of my existence. Neither of us can be labeled as “bad” or “wrong” simply because we disagree. All that can be said, frankly, is that we disagree.

I believe that people are offended too easily. No one tells you to troll websites or watch shows on a news network that caters to those who oppose your world view. I do those things because sometimes it gives me a good laugh, sometimes it makes me consider another point of view, and sometimes it ignites passion. But if I knowingly watch or read something that opposes my opinions, I take it for what it is and know that the only person I can blame is myself. Free speech means people have the right to say things that will upset you and piss you off.

I believe that Anglo-Americans are losing their culture. I have introduced myself as an Irish-American, and was quickly reminded that I’m not from Ireland. I doubt that every African-American, Asian-American, or Latin-American person is an immigrant from Africa, Asia, or Latin America, but they are still permitted to identify with their ancestry. Perhaps it’s because Anglo-Americans are generally racial “mutts”–I am Irish, French, Scottish, and Cherokee. However, because the majority of my heritage is Irish, if I should choose to identify myself as such, I don’t see why that should be any less plausible than any other hyphenated American.

I believe that God is good, that hedonism is pointless and futile, that life begins at conception, that love is not all you need but certainly one of the better things to have, that Bernie Goldberg is a fuckwit, that a grudge can only be held for so long before the holder looks like a complete idiot, and that my dog knows exactly what she’s doing when she eats my stuff.


In which I am surely a bigot

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I just read an article on AOL Black Voices entitled “Why are so many Black Women single?”

Some of the reasons, provided by the author of said article:

Marriage is for white people
Marriage is hazardous to the health of black women
Standards of black women are too high
The perception of black women is negative
Lack of respect in the black community between men and women
Black women should learn to date outside their race
Black women should lower their expectations and focus less on superficial qualities like looks, money, and body.
Black women need to stop having babies out of wedlock

However, none of these address what the author deems to be the real issue at hand (spelling mistakes are from the original article):

“African-american women and men are not cookie cutter figures who fit into the same mold that worked for white america. As slaves we were forced to accept the religions and practices of our white masters, even though they were foreign to us. We have been taught to prey at the alter of money and financial success, and have lost site of our true familial identity.”

I’m choosing to ignore the blatant racism there and instead share some of my own. The comment that I was going to post to the article, before Jason talked me out of doing so:

“Perhaps more black women would be able to find mates if they stopped clinging to poor speaking and writing skills that, for whatever reason, have been deemed “cultural”. I be this, he seen that, complete lack of grammar and punctuation…for the love of Pete, speak like an adult! Unless a man is looking for sex and sex only, he isn’t going to want to waste time on someone who sounds completely uneducated. Furthermore, stop blaming everything on the white man. Everyone has oppressed everyone. Africans fueled triangular trade and white Americans denied employment to the Irish. Have some self respect and take responsibility for your own actions; it’s much more attractive than someone who pins all of their problems on “the man”. And if we’re going there, shouldn’t “the man” be black now? The leader of the free world is African American…does that mean all of the poor whites can blame their problems on black society? That seems to be the tradition. Finally, any man of any race is less likely to engage in a serious relationship with a woman who already has children. Enough people have brought up the issue of welfare. Putting that aside, black women are more likely to have multiple children out of wedlock than white women are. This can be solved easily: USE A CONDOM. You can get them for free. Most cities have a Planned Parenthood office–GO THERE. All comes back to taking responsibility for your actions. If you want the fairy tale, don’t be an idiot. Get an education, figure out what you want in a partner (NOT a baby-daddy), and then procreate. I promise, it works out well that way.”

Any thoughts to add?

Bring on the controversy

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Every couple weeks, I tune into Momversation, a video blog featuring a group of well-known Mommy Bloggers. The topics are usually pretty easy, like What Movies Do Your Kids Watch? or Balancing Parenting and Work. Okay, those topics aren’t ‘easy’, but I don’t think they’re exceedingly emotional. Today’s, however, dealt with the very sensitive issue of miscarriage.

I know quite a few women who have lost a child, and I am so, so sorry that they had to endure that pain. I’m terrified that I will miscarry, and given how common it is, I probably will at some point. I can’t imagine knowing that there is a child growing inside me, only to have it taken away from me before we get to properly meet. In a discussion of miscarriage, no one ever acts as thought anything less than tragic has happened. In that situation, even when the fetus was only in the first trimester, it is always considered to be the loss of a life.

So why, then, is a first trimester aborted fetus not considered to be living as well?

I don’t mean to be offensive here, but I honestly can’t see a difference. Two weeks or twelve, if I knew I was pregnant and then I suddenly wasn’t anymore, I would feel like I lost a child…I think many women would feel the same way. But some of those women might be pro-choice, and would then argue that a woman who has an abortion in the first trimester isn’t killing a child. It has died, it has died unnaturally, but it wasn’t killed? Because it wasn’t a fully formed baby yet? But it would have been considered to be a baby if she wanted to keep the child and it died all on it’s own?


I think legislation should stay away from the human body, so I’m not taking a stance as politically Pro Life or Pro Choice. Morally, though, I have a serious problem with this double standard, especially when there are so many safe haven and adoption options.

I would really like to hear some other opinions on this, especially from women who have dealt with any aspect of this. Male perspectives are welcome, too….pregnancy affects everyone, in one way or another.

Not there yet

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I’m sure most of you have heard by now about the California Supreme Court decision to uphold Prop 8. For some, this may have been very happy news, and I will try my best to not begrudge you your victory.

I am hurting. I am very upset, and disappointed, and a little appalled. My heart weeps for the couples who were hoping to get married, who are now being told that the declaration and commitment to their love will not be supported by California, their home. I thought we had come farther than that. I had hoped we would get to a point where our religious and moral indignations could be dealt with rationally and seperated from those things which have nothing to do with us…like another person’s relationship. I understand why people disagree with the concept of gay marraige. I understand why it makes some people uncomfortable. For them, a marraige is a religious institution and should only be granted to those who are right with God. The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong. However…it also says ‘judge not, lest ye be judged.’ And you can’t tell me that you aren’t judging someone, condemning perfect strangers, because of an idea that you have about what God does or does not approve of.

This shouldn’t be an issue. Not state, not federal. If one church has a problem performing a wedding for a gay couple, fine. The couple can go to another church. Let it be decided by individuals. Sadly, I don’t see that happening. So I’m going to continue to fight for what I believe is just, even though I know it will hurt some people I love very much.

Someday, this will be made right.

As happy and squeally as the Hamster Dance

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Oh my god, faire starts tomorrow!

Internet, did you hear me? Did you hear the squeal in my voice that could be mistaken for a gerbil with a megaphone? The one that sounded like a child who knows that there are presents from Santa waiting downstairs, but she can’t go and get them yet because it’s 2 am and Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping (and, unbeknownst to her, they were still wrapping presents an hour and a half ago), and on top of that, she REALLY HAS TO PEE???


And what’s better than faire? Oh dear god, can it be? YES, INTERNET! IT CAN! After faire, I get to go home with a boy! A boy who likes me! A boy who will watch Roger Rabbit with me, who doesn’t mind that my feet are at a constant -2 degrees Fahrenheit, who manages to tickle me without finding any of his limbs forcably detached from his writhing and bleeding torso because I LIKE HIM ENOUGH TO LET HIM LIVE.

My life, it does not suck.

Oh, and since you’re here, it wouldn’t be terribly out of your way to read the post directly below this one. It is not happy or squeally, and it has nothing to do with the comedic genius that is Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but it is desperately important to me…not to mention to the 3,000 child soldiers. Braclets will go on sale next week, $1 each. Thank you.

Abduct yourself

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I had to post again, after I got a voice mail from Invisible Children.

For those who don’t know:

Invisible Children started over six years ago, when three regular guys decided to go to Africa for the hell of it. They found their way to Uganda, and in it, the most overlooked human rights atrocity of our time.

There is a war going on between the Ugandan government and a radical faction called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). It is not, however, a war between men. 90% of the LRA is made of abducted children. These kids are stolen from their familes. Made to kill each other. Brainwashed. Told that their gun is their mother and their father. The ones who escape walk for miles, sleep in bus stations and hospitals. And this is not ten or twenty kids sharing a room. Picture a hospital wing, with the floor so crowded with sleeping children that you can’t see space between them. Thousands.

I can’t begin to explain the horrors these children face. Very soon, I’ll host a viewing party for the Invisible Children documentary.

There is a rally on April 25. It is called THE RESCUE, and it’s intention is to call attention to all the children who have been kidnapped by Joseph Kony, the first individual to be tried by the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity. For those not working faire that day, I strongly urge you to try and attend…abduct yourself, as it were.

I can’t be at the rally, sadly. On that day, however, I will be selling braided bracelets to faire workers, and all of the money will go directly to Invisible Children. I know that money is tight for everyone right now, but anything anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

Please go to their site and watch the Rescue film. It is not easy. You will probably cry. But I believe that the world needs to know about these children. I’ve never believed anything so hard in my my life.

Go here.

Scroll to the bottom, and click on the right-hand icon for The Rescue House Party Event. That will take you to the thirty-minute film.

It’s a common cliche…the children are our future. Please, help give these children a future without violence and fear.


Thursday, March 5th, 2009

I should be writing a paper, but the last thing my brain has room for right now is whether or not Mansfield Park is representative of the Victorian Era.

Faire starts on Friday. Mixed feelings. I can’t wait to go back; I miss the people and the general environment. In spite of all the negative things that cropped up last season, it still feels more like a home than anywhere else. Being a May Reveler is going to be wonderful. I love the other girls and I love the dance shows. However…I am anxious about my…social life. Seeing certain people I care about move on. It’s selfish and childish, but I’ve gotten used to the attention and I’ll be sad to give it up. Aileen says that he most important thing is to find someone who’s nice to me…much harder than it sounds. At least now I have a reference point.

I started casting again, first time in four years. I hate saying ‘spells’. Sounds Hollywood to me. It wasn’t with much intention, anyway, nothing with hope for a specific outcome. I’m just trying to open myself up to goodness and light, so that I have the strength and power to help myself and the people I love. Quite a few have been through emotional ringers lately. Most of my god wishes were sent towards she who happened to be in the center of it all…last I heard, she was on a better path. Whether or not my will or wishes had anything to do with it, who knows. It’s unlikely. But at least, so far, no harm has been done.

Tomorrow, the California Supreme Court will be hearing arguments regarding the validity of Prop 8. I can’t begin to describe how nervous I am. Someone is going to have to text me updates, as I’ll be in class during the proceedings and I doubt any of my professors will let me watch on my computer. The logic of allowing the majority to decide the fate of a minority escapes me. I wish there were a way to accomplish this without stepping on anyone’s belief system. People shouldn’t be sued and forced to ordin a marriage they don’t believe in, and people shouldn’t be denied the title of ‘marriage’ because they love someone of the same sex. People just need to do their own thing, stay out of each other’s business, and do their best not to hurt other people. That’s what really ticks me off. Everyone says I Don’t Want To Hurt You. I think it’s rare for someone to enter into a situation with malicious intent. But, really, what’s so difficult about not hurting someone? Be respectful, be honest, keep your promises. Above all things, be considerate and be kind. If we considered everyone’s feelings, 8 wouldn’t be an issue. This is a simple formula. Stop messing it up.

Oh, in other news, I’m no longer an eharmony reject. I deleted my profile. Just wanted to see if I’d be two for two on incompatibility. I was all set to make an eharmony reject T-shirt. Curses! Lost an opportunity for The Funny.

Watchmen premiere tomorrow night. I am geek, hear me roar. Or giggle a lot, which could possibly lead to snorting.

Bits and pieces

Monday, February 16th, 2009

The lovely Rebecca Woolf of GirlsGoneChild, one of my favorite ‘Mommy Blogs’, has recently undertaken a new project entitled “Portraits of an Economy“. People from all over the country are sending in pieces, describing how the economy has and is affecting them. It’s a brilliant idea, and Rebecca was sweet enough to post my entry.

I just wanted to encourage everyone to check this site out. It’s heartbreaking and inspiring, and I think anyone would benefit from sharing in these stories.


Of thee I sing

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

The cafeteria was packed this morning. Every chair taken, people sitting on tables, on the floors, leaning against counters. I managed to get there just in time to see Joe Biden take the Vice Presidential Oath of Office.

Watching Obama being sworn in and giving his inaugrual address moved me more than I could have ever expected. For the first time, I can honestly call someone My President. My first election, my first time campaigning, my first rally….the first time in my lifetime that I feel truly proud of my country. We still have many faults. We still have a very, very long way to go. The election of a Black man does not mean the end of racism, not by any stretch of the imagination, just as having openly gay officials doesn’t eradicate homophobia. I wish it were that simple. And, of course, we can’t expect President Obama to do everything for us. Amazingly enough, he is not the messiah and he can’t magically make everything better. One of my professors just told us to not hold him to such a high standard, because he cannot save us. I don’t know if that’s entirely true, though. Maybe he can help us to save ourselves. When I heard him speak this morning, I was inspired to work harder. To take more chances. To be more aware of my actions and their consequences. I want this for everyone, because I think that we can be so much better than what we are if we just drop the philosophy of ‘my country, right or wrong’. If we stick with that mindset, then we’re going to keep on making the same mistakes. But if we can follow Obama’s lead, take a step back, and see what’s in front of us without wearing red, white, and blue-colored goggles, then maybe we can start making some changes happen.

I hope that we can do this. I hope that we can band together as a stronger unit. I don’t agree with our new President on everything, and I know people who don’t agree with him on anything. But I believe in my father’s advice of having to start from where you are. We are being given the chance of a lifetime, and we would be fools to waste it. Let’s be more humane. Let’s be wiser. Let’s be more considerate and more joyful and more willing to kick ourselves in the ass when we screw up. Because we do screw up. Quite a lot, actually. But we can learn from this. Starting today, let’s be better.