In which I am surely a bigot

I just read an article on AOL Black Voices entitled “Why are so many Black Women single?”

Some of the reasons, provided by the author of said article:

Marriage is for white people
Marriage is hazardous to the health of black women
Standards of black women are too high
The perception of black women is negative
Lack of respect in the black community between men and women
Black women should learn to date outside their race
Black women should lower their expectations and focus less on superficial qualities like looks, money, and body.
Black women need to stop having babies out of wedlock

However, none of these address what the author deems to be the real issue at hand (spelling mistakes are from the original article):

“African-american women and men are not cookie cutter figures who fit into the same mold that worked for white america. As slaves we were forced to accept the religions and practices of our white masters, even though they were foreign to us. We have been taught to prey at the alter of money and financial success, and have lost site of our true familial identity.”

I’m choosing to ignore the blatant racism there and instead share some of my own. The comment that I was going to post to the article, before Jason talked me out of doing so:

“Perhaps more black women would be able to find mates if they stopped clinging to poor speaking and writing skills that, for whatever reason, have been deemed “cultural”. I be this, he seen that, complete lack of grammar and punctuation…for the love of Pete, speak like an adult! Unless a man is looking for sex and sex only, he isn’t going to want to waste time on someone who sounds completely uneducated. Furthermore, stop blaming everything on the white man. Everyone has oppressed everyone. Africans fueled triangular trade and white Americans denied employment to the Irish. Have some self respect and take responsibility for your own actions; it’s much more attractive than someone who pins all of their problems on “the man”. And if we’re going there, shouldn’t “the man” be black now? The leader of the free world is African American…does that mean all of the poor whites can blame their problems on black society? That seems to be the tradition. Finally, any man of any race is less likely to engage in a serious relationship with a woman who already has children. Enough people have brought up the issue of welfare. Putting that aside, black women are more likely to have multiple children out of wedlock than white women are. This can be solved easily: USE A CONDOM. You can get them for free. Most cities have a Planned Parenthood office–GO THERE. All comes back to taking responsibility for your actions. If you want the fairy tale, don’t be an idiot. Get an education, figure out what you want in a partner (NOT a baby-daddy), and then procreate. I promise, it works out well that way.”

Any thoughts to add?

3 Responses to “In which I am surely a bigot”

  1. Wow Idontbelieveyou Says:

    First, let me say that this is an incredibly offensive post. Though we are in fact in a country in which we are given the freedom of speech, it is clear from the article and from your title that you madam are indeed a bigot. Though it is not at all wrong to make observations about situations involving races especially when it comes to ones own, it is very much not ok to make such moronic generalization that would in fact put down an entire race and gender. I find it sad that you yourself are ok with admitting that you are a bigot and though you can state that you have facts, statistics, and a powerpoint presentation to back it up, it seems that you lack the common sense to understand the information you have been given. These wild accusations are hurtful and have less to do with race and more to do with class and poverty levels. In either case, to make such generalizations, as you sit on your high horse telling all black women what they are doing wrong, is despicable. I myself am not a black woman. I’m a man of latino descent with far more common sense and decency than the writer of this original article or yourself who so happily agree with it. Thank you and have a nice day.

  2. Andi Says:

    I’m not telling all black women anything. The author of the article cited pinned the problems of black women on to white America. I certainly don’t agree with anything she wrote, so I’m not sure what your issue is.

    Also, the title is a use of irony. Figure it out.

  3. Jose Says:

    Wow, Andi Jean. Wow.

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