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Proxart plug

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

The more amount of time I spend in a college classroom, the more I feel my creativity being stifled. Granted, I’m not in the writing program, where I might be allowed more artistic liberties, but I feel as though my current school, as well as my junior college, don’t offer nearly enough artisitc outlets.

I bring this up because I want to recognize (read: pimp) an organization that’s formed in Santa Clarita over the last couple years.

A friend of mine from high school runs, along with other artists, a group called Proxart that gives musicans and spoken world or visual artists a place to play their songs/display their work. Orginal paintings, sculputres, very talents songwriters and poets, using their peers to create an environement where art can be simply appreciated, not graded–a huge relief, as a good number of participants are high school and college students.

In light of current media, where a joke has to be about sex or involve profanity in order to be appreciated and art exhibits only make the front page if they’re condemned by the Pope, I think it’s brilliant that people my age, stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a somewhat white-collar and increasingly conservative and PC city, have come together to appreciate their own artistic abilites. It’s innovative, entertaining, and often surprising–I had no idea how many talented people there were in my neck of the woods unil I made it out for a Proxart show.

Anyway. I’m placing their banner on this homepage, and there is a link in the above paragrapghs to the Proxart blog. Meetings are once a month, dates and places TBD. If you can stop by one night, I promise, you’ll be glad you did.