I should be writing a paper, but the last thing my brain has room for right now is whether or not Mansfield Park is representative of the Victorian Era.

Faire starts on Friday. Mixed feelings. I can’t wait to go back; I miss the people and the general environment. In spite of all the negative things that cropped up last season, it still feels more like a home than anywhere else. Being a May Reveler is going to be wonderful. I love the other girls and I love the dance shows. However…I am anxious about my…social life. Seeing certain people I care about move on. It’s selfish and childish, but I’ve gotten used to the attention and I’ll be sad to give it up. Aileen says that he most important thing is to find someone who’s nice to me…much harder than it sounds. At least now I have a reference point.

I started casting again, first time in four years. I hate saying ‘spells’. Sounds Hollywood to me. It wasn’t with much intention, anyway, nothing with hope for a specific outcome. I’m just trying to open myself up to goodness and light, so that I have the strength and power to help myself and the people I love. Quite a few have been through emotional ringers lately. Most of my god wishes were sent towards she who happened to be in the center of it all…last I heard, she was on a better path. Whether or not my will or wishes had anything to do with it, who knows. It’s unlikely. But at least, so far, no harm has been done.

Tomorrow, the California Supreme Court will be hearing arguments regarding the validity of Prop 8. I can’t begin to describe how nervous I am. Someone is going to have to text me updates, as I’ll be in class during the proceedings and I doubt any of my professors will let me watch on my computer. The logic of allowing the majority to decide the fate of a minority escapes me. I wish there were a way to accomplish this without stepping on anyone’s belief system. People shouldn’t be sued and forced to ordin a marriage they don’t believe in, and people shouldn’t be denied the title of ‘marriage’ because they love someone of the same sex. People just need to do their own thing, stay out of each other’s business, and do their best not to hurt other people. That’s what really ticks me off. Everyone says I Don’t Want To Hurt You. I think it’s rare for someone to enter into a situation with malicious intent. But, really, what’s so difficult about not hurting someone? Be respectful, be honest, keep your promises. Above all things, be considerate and be kind. If we considered everyone’s feelings, 8 wouldn’t be an issue. This is a simple formula. Stop messing it up.

Oh, in other news, I’m no longer an eharmony reject. I deleted my profile. Just wanted to see if I’d be two for two on incompatibility. I was all set to make an eharmony reject T-shirt. Curses! Lost an opportunity for The Funny.

Watchmen premiere tomorrow night. I am geek, hear me roar. Or giggle a lot, which could possibly lead to snorting.

4 Responses to “Catch-up”

  1. Angela Says:

    “People shouldn’t be sued and forced to ordin a marriage they don’t believe in”

    I hate how much misinformation has been spread about prop 8. Churches & religious officials have always been allowed to discriminate in who they will marry, and gay marriage wouldn’t change that. If I walked into a Catholic church and asked a priest to marry me, I would expect them to say no, even if my partner was a guy. I’m not Catholic, and they won’t marry you if you’re not a baptized Catholic. Only courthouses were required to marry gay people, because they represent the law, not religion.

  2. Elana E Says:

    You would think it would be easier and gentler on the soul to be nice to people, but some choose to go out of their way to mean, rude, hurtful, discriminating, etc. I personally don’t have that kind of time or energy. Live and let live sounds cliche, but it is an easier road for me!

  3. Andi Says:


    I know. But someone would end up suing a church, because that’s what we do in America. Prop 8 has nothing to do with that, but the fear isn’t going to go away.

  4. Chamber Potts Says:

    I heart geeky girls and I will give you extra squeezes this weekend!

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