Gymbo the clown waves bye, bye, bye

I knew something was up when my managers came after OpenGym. They never show up when I’m cleaning.

I’m nice and great with the kids (their words), and I saved their asses by cleaning all the time and subsitute teaching for a month and a half (my words). But it wasn’t working out (their words again).

I strongly disliked my managers anyway. But damnit, I don’t want to leave my kids. Jett finally smiled at me. He’s serious around everyone, almost never laughs; but tonight, he smiled when he saw me. Noah blows me kisses. Alesha, oh my god, she won’t let me out of her sight. Indio, too. Both of them, always grabbing my hands, because they need me RIGHT HERE. Lilah is so pretty and so quiet, like a little fae. Sweet and anything. Princess Katie…funny as hell. Never talks to the other kids. Doesn’t want to play with them. Things will be done her way, or won’t be done at all. Mandy. I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but I love Mandy. She’s loud, and a little nuts and she’s walking now. In the time I’ve known her, she has learned to walk. I love the way she yells MAAAAANNNNDYYYYY! at the top of her lungs, just to make sure we’re paying attention. And the way she stomps around in a circle, squealing nonsense. My cute little spaz. Her mom and I call her Mandypants. It worked well.

I don’t even get to say goodbye.

…at least now I have more time to study for finals. Hell.

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  1. Angela Says:

    “I strongly disliked my managers anyway. But damnit, I don’t want to leave my kids. ”

    “I don’t even get to say Mandypants.”

    I’m sorry hon, that sucks. I experienced a very similar event with my summer job- I was working at a day camp, and they decided to drop me mid-week without giving me a chance to say goodbye to the kids or my junior counselors. Managers need to understand that people working with kids need to be allowed to say goodbye, damnit!

  2. Renee Says:

    I’m so sorry!

    Good luck on finals though!

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