A new addition

J and I love Golden Retrievers. He’s wanted one for a while, and we both know that I’m going to need a companion when he is in basic and when he deploys.

A lovely family had to part with one of their puppies and put an ad in the church classifieds for a six month old, AKC, golden.

Internet, meet Molly Malone O’Connor!


She’s very well behaved, very hyper, but expectedly so. She knows to sit and give a paw, but there’s still a little housebreaking that needs to be done.

She is just what our family needed. Stay tuned for the amazing adventures of the Molly dog!

2 Responses to “A new addition”

  1. Renee Says:

    oooh I’m so excited for you! Golden retrievers are great dogs. :) About a month ago I got a golden puppy as well. His name is Wookiee :D

  2. D. Says:

    She is a sweetheart. Love and care for her well.

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