Sexting wanted an encore

Girls are being criminally prosecuted now? Are you KIDDING ME.

Apparently, some people have decided to set a precedent by classifying sexting as a sexual offense.

So…if an underage girl snaps a naked photo of herself to send to her boyfriend, or doesn’t intend it to be sent at all, but kids will be kids (and sometimes kids will be assholes who will steal a person’s phone and send out pictures en masse)….the girl can be charged with producing and distributing kiddie porn?

The girls in the article? They produced naked pictures of themselves, in their bedroom, just for kicks. That’s not a crime. The dicks who sent the pictures out, they distributed…however, it’s hard to determine whether or not the intent was for others to become sexually aroused, or just to humiliate the girls. Douchebaggery isn’t a crime either. And if it turns out ther girls showed the whole school their chonies just because, well. They probably need therapy, not jail time.

Dear Legal System: Please pull your head out of your ass and catch up. Laws need to start paying more attention to changing society and technology.

Dear Parents: Talk to your daughters and figure out why they’re doing this. Honestly, things could be a lot worse. Just in case, please give them sex ed. Or if your child is one of those who take other people’s pictures and distribute them without any kind of consent, hit them upside the head and make them understand that what they’re doing is unacceptable and flat-out RUDE.

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  1. Renee Says:

    Uggggggh, our legal system is so frustrating!!

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