You really have to wonder…

…what goes through checker’s minds when people make strange drugstore purchases.

For example…Vicks Vaporub and a three-pack of condoms. Perfectly harmless to me, because I know the Vicks has nothing to do with some fetish and everything to do with my lungs being rather disagreeable. An outsider has no way of knowing this.

I bought some throat lozenges, too, because I thought that might make my items seem less peculiar. After I left, I realized that might have made things look worse.

What’s the weirdest combination of things you’ve ever bought?

6 Responses to “You really have to wonder…”

  1. Liz Says:

    I don’t recall any really strange combinations of items that I myself have bought, there is a story on my Dad’s side of the family.

    My Aunt one day asked her little brother (Dad) to go get her Sanitary Supplies. Mind you, this was back in like the 1950′s, so while my Dad didn’t care, he said he did get some looks at the checkout.

  2. Myra Onstad Says:

    Heh. A fairly big box of condoms, a plaid skirt, and knee socks, and possibly beef jerky if memory serves.

    Oh to be 19 again.

  3. Grant Says:

    What were the condoms for?

  4. Andi Says:

    …to make balloon animals. Obviously.

  5. Renee Says:

    Haha. Too funny!

    Hmm… I can’t really remember any strange pairings.

  6. Brian Says:

    Eyeliner, peanuts, & detergent

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