I frequently have people popping up in IM windows, asking why the hell I’m sitting at home on a Friday/Saturday night. I should be out at a party, with friends, beign social, whatever. The truth is, though, acting like a normal twenty-year-old woman doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I was considering going to The Key Club to see a couple bands I like, as well as a special appearance by Dane Cook. Instead, I opted to come home and go out to dinner with my parents. Plans for my 21st, only five months away? No big party. Forget Vegas. More than anything, I just want my Dad to buy me a drink at Molly Malone’s.

I don’t think I’m especially boring, and it’s not that I’m lazy. I do like to get all dressed up to go out. But the club scene, bars, whatever…I dunno. If I’m with people, I want to be *with* people; not performing some activity where other people happen to be joining in. I like conversation. The highlight of next week, for me, will be going to AllisonandAdam’s, having a drink, and playing Scrabble in my pajamas. Exotic, no…not so glamorous either. And I’ve had the opportunity to be both of those things. It’s just not my deal. Am I missing out on an important part of my adult life?

While we’re on the subject of what kind of girl I am…according to Stoner Philip (I actually have no idea if he smokes…sweet kid in a couple of my classes, looks a bit dazed all the time), I “don’t look like the kind of girl who’d be into comics.”

Me: (looks up, slightly annoyed that Watchmen is being interrupted) What does that even mean?
SP: (shrugs)
Me: Well, what do I look like?
SP: Like…not a dork.

When I informed that I am indeed a dork, one who plays D&D and can tie Doctor Who/Firefly into most conversations, he shook his head in disbelief…and went back to his nap.

Guess I’m full of surprises.

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  1. Alex H Says:

    “We’re not so different, you and I.”

    I’m not really into the clubbing scene either. Sweaty drunk people in a confined space is not always my idea of a good time. People don’t think I’m super nerdy either, when I think it’s obvious; get me going on any fandom and I won’t stop talking about it. Ah well. See you tonight love! <3

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