Like they do on the Discovery Channel

Play behavior is well-developed in North American river otters. Play is made up of sliding, chasing one’s own tail, swimming, juggling sticks or pebbles, rolling around in the grass or snow, wrestling, and playing with captured prey or with other river otters. Playful behavior was found in only 6% of 294 observations in a study in Idaho, and was limited mostly to immature otters.[11]

Otters can juggle. Seals can bounce balls. Dogs save people from snow drifts and fires. Gorillas and parrots can understand and comprehend human speech.

Comparitively speaking, human beings seem a little lame.

3 Responses to “Like they do on the Discovery Channel”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hey now, I can juggle and bounce balls. I also understand and comprehend human speech. :)

  2. Tyler Says:

    If that stuff amazes you, look up what humans have accomplished in the past couple thousand years. It’ll blow your mind.

  3. Charlie Says:

    Yeah, but… Idaho. :)

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