Couple things I learned last night

One. Rum makes the soda foam expand more than it normally would. Choose your drinkware wisely.

Two. Drunk dialing/prank calling at one in the morning, especially when impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger and asking me who’s my Daddy, is never funny. It’s creepy and disconcerting during the event, and simply annoying the morning after.

No, I didn’t dream that. I have the record of the call in my phone. Damn you Restricted numbers!

EDIT: Are you freaking kidding me?! There’s a website dedicated to making Arnold crank calls?? DEAR GOD WHY. I’ve never hated Kindergarten Cop so much in my life.

Anyway. Now that faire is over and I’m actually home on Sunday mornings, I can get back to my weekly iLike segment. In honor of my dear cousin Emily’s recent engagement, I wanted to have a little two-part wedding post. Yay!

First up, rings:

celticsapphire_white_top celticsapphire_white_side

This white gold and sapphire beauty is my very favorite custom design from Brilliant Earth. All the designs are gorgeous, but what I love most about this company is their ethical business practices. All the diamonds are Canadian or Nambain and guaranteed CONFLICT-FREE (I say that in all caps because supporting human rights is AWESOME), and 5% of the profits is donated to Africa in order to support medical aid and land restoration.

Bottom line: beautiful jewelry coming from a place with a good heart and uncompromising standards. They are a bit on the pricey side, but it would be well worth it to me, knowing that my ring didn’t support slavery.

Alright, on to the cake! Nomnomnomnomnom….

I am HUGELY torn between Pink Cake Box, a bakery in New Jersey, and Cake Nouveau in Michagan. I won’t be able to use either bakery when I get married…but they’re so preeeeeeetyy……

PCB has too many beautiful wedding cakes. Honestly. Picking an image for this post was beyond difficult, because I desperately want to post them all. Now if only they were gluten-free and in California…


This Alice in Wonderland creation from Cake Nouveau probably wouldn’t be ideal for a wedding…unless of course you’re having a Wonderland theme, which would actually be quite cool….the point is, this baker is amazing. You have to look through all the desgins to truly appreciate what an artist Courtney Clark is. Purse cakes, one to look like sushi, one like Lego Blocks, which I totally want to get for Jason’s birthday next year…stunning. Really.

Obviously, these are all for people who don’t have to stick to a budget…but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Happy Sunday!

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