Idle mind

Things I think about while waiting for class:

Where do midgets shop for clothing? Kids clothes wouldn’t work; the proportions are different.

Has anyone ever seen a giraffe vomit? Does it take longer than it would for a human?

How do the Jelly-Belly people make the beans taste exactly like what they’re supposed to?

Will Jason kill me if I chop my hair off?

2 Responses to “Idle mind”

  1. Mary Says:

    I want to climb inside your brain and get comfy. It’s pretty awesome.

  2. Liz Levine Says:

    Will Jason kill me if I chop my hair off?<<

    Ask him. Russ always tells me to do what I want with my hair, because it’s my hair and he’ll love me anyway (I’ve threatened to do a Sinead O’Conner more than once, but have always chickened out).

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