I started reading Twilight

And my eyes want to bleed battery acid.

To sum up the first five chapters:

“I hate Forks and the cold and the snow, and I’m going to pontificate about how I don’t fit in, and Edward’s pretty, but I think he might hate me, or maybe he likes me, I’m going to stare at him some more. Pretty pretty Edward.”

Honestly and truly, I went into this thinking that maybe I was being too hard on Myer and her fangirls, and that maybe I’d actually get into the story. I was prepared to swallow my pride and admit that I liked the book. And maybe something will change between chapter 5 and the end. I could still be wrong. Maybe it’ll stop sucking more than a disease-ridden crackwhore.

Look at me being Miss Optimistic with sunshine and rainbows coming out my butt. I blame all the May Revelling.

5 Responses to “I started reading Twilight”

  1. Myra Onstad Says:

    Yeah, Reveling does that, it’s a slightly embarrassing side effect…. stupid rainbows.

  2. Tiffney Says:

    My 15-year-old sister lurrrrrrrrrrrves Twilight. I sat her down and explained that it’s okay for her to like the book, but she should never, ever, ever want to go out with a loser like Edward.

  3. D Says:

    hmmm….a somewhat caustic form of optimisim……

  4. D. Says:

    hmmm….a somewhat caustic optimisim, it seems. We could just call you Miss Caustimistic.

  5. Alex H Says:

    I plan to read at least the first book this summer. With school over, I’ll have to torture myself somehow.

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