Duran Duran is so much fun to hate.

Been a bit lax on the Sunday specials, but I found more lovely faire vendors with all sorts of pretties!


That is the Lyndriel Dress from Ravenswood Leather, and someday, it shall be mine.

Finally told one of my oldest and best friends that I have a boyfriend. I’d been putting off because of our history, and because I know that he still wants to be with me, even though the time for that passed many years ago. It’s not as though I could keep it from him, though, and I didn’t want to….but, really, it was a bit like telling a small child that Santa Claus had died from choking on one of the bones of the freshly roasted Easter Bunny. I don’t like hurting people’s feelings.

Speaking of Easter…went to Easter Mass for the first time since I was very very small. It was at faire, but it totally counts because the man performing it is a real Anglican minister. My grandmother would be so proud. Honestly, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I always liked the ceremony of it all. Thinking about maybe going more often, once faire is over. Who knows.

Someone please get “Hungry Like a Wolf” out of my head. Curse you, Rock Band 2!

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