Ed zachary!

Conversation re: the stupidity of ‘the game’.

Him: I’d love it if I could just tell this girl, “Hey. I’ve still got this crush on you. I think you’re fabulous. You’re what I’m looking for. A girl with her own friends. Her own passions. Her own career goals. You’re charming, you’re beautiful and you have a smile that knocks my socks off. I want to date you because you’re the most promising person to come along in a long while. So, come on. Coffee. Friday. 11. Whaddaya say?” but that’s coming on a bit strong and I know it’ll drive her away… which is, actually, my specialty.

Me: if a guy I was crushing on said that to me, I’d kiss him right there….why are we so much cooler than everyone else?

Him: well, baby, God only has so much cool to give out when he’s making people. some people get a light spreading. The usual amount. Some people get none. But now and then he says, “Empty the jar.” and you get us!

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  1. Megan Says:

    Two weeks after I met Matt, we were at a mutual friend’s wedding- small world! He was talking to me, and said something about being glad he met me, and how it was nice to make new friends(I am WAY paraphrasing here)

    I told him “I’m not interested in making new friends. I have enough friends already.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaand here we are.

  2. Jose Says:

    I am of the opinion that if someone is put of by such an act of courage, then they are not worthy…I’ve lived my life by that.

    and two weeks after I met Matt, we broke up, because, we realized, we didn’t like each other that way…then Megan showed up. :)

  3. Tim Says:

    A very humorized account of Mary and I getting together follows:

    Me: “Hey, I’ve had a thing for you since I met you at your brother’s wedding.”
    Her: “Hey, I’ve had a thing for you since I met you at my brother’s wedding.”
    Both: “We have so much in common, we should totally f*ck.”


  4. Andi Says:

    BAHAHAHA. Tim and Mary FTW!

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