It’s probably going to be worse than you imagine

With those inspiring words, so began yet another discussion of Jason’s inevitable joining of the United States Air Force. He’s still waiting to take his physical and we’ve been playing the waiting game since July, but he’s not going to give up. I’m sort of proud of him for that, but I also want to smack him. Seems pretty normal .

In an effort to gear myself up for three months of basic (a year if he gets into the pararescue program) and six to eight month deployments, I’m coming up with things to do when he is gone, and I’m choosing to share it here, hoping that someone will have some more ideas for me. Some of them are actual activites, others are simply routines to keep me sane.

When Jason is gone, I will:

Get myself out of bed and force myself to shower by 10 am AT THE LATEST.
Do at least one workout dvd a day.
Wear makeup to work (pleaseohpleasegodletmehaveajob).
Do all of my homework the night it is assigned, even if it’s lame and I know it all anyway.
Learn how to make a quilt (if anyone out there knows how, please teach me! I’d love to have a quilt made when J comes home from basic!).
Go to church every Sunday.
Voulnteer with the church whenever possible.
Take at least one of the cake decorating classes at Michaels.
Make dinner every night, probably food Jason doesn’t like, ie curry or something.
Take Molly and Jack out for walks at least three times a week.
Beg friends to let me come visit.
Allow myself to have a couple drinks when I really do need them.
Call my mother way more times than is healthy or natural.
Call our friend Michelle. Her husband is Jason’s best friend and is Army-for-life. If anyone will understand, she will.

That’s all I have so far. Might take up a month or two. I just want to get this over with.

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  1. Myra Onstad Says:

    Soon I’ll be there. Like, as in, by the end of January (it looks like). Can I be one of the friends you bug to come hang out?

    AND… I totally want to take the cake decorating classes, too. Have for years.

    Also, if you don’t find anyone to whom you have easy access, I have a friend who quilts.

  2. TheOmniAdam Says:

    6 Letters- MMORPG

    Nothing’ll eat your time away faster than a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. NOTHING. World of Warcraft (Don’t recommend), City of Heroes, Star Trek Online, Aion, Guild Wars, there’s tons of ‘em.
    I got a free trial to a relatively new one called champions online if you’d like to play, and the game’s first month is only 10 Bucks if you purchase by the 3rd of Jan from steam’s website. If nothing else designing your own superhero costume is pretty sweet, and the character designer is free forever.

    I frequent it as of late, so I’d be on there and could help you along. Lemme know if you’d like the free trial or the site where’s it’s only 10 dollars.

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