Movin on up

I’d like to note that I have lived in the same place my whole life. Not the same town. Not even the same house. But the same room. The room next to my parents, next to the computer room that was once my sister’s bedroom, long before I was born. The room that held my crib and my changing tabe now houses my grown-up bed and hundered or so books. And because I was raised as a only child, the only person who slept in or kept her stuff in that room was moi.

I say this because I want you, people of the Internet, to fully grasp how big a deal my moving out is going to be.

I’m essentially living with Jason. I go home on weekends to work, but given current circumstances, I’m not sure if that will be cost effective much longer. I’m waiting to hear about a job out here in the Boonies…we shall see.

The idea of sharing a living space with someone, as wonderful as it’s been so far, is completely baffling. He asked me to move in, but I still feel this weird sense of guilt putting half of my closest next to his, and keeping my jewelry box next to our toothbrushes. Having an ‘our’ room, ‘our’ bathroom, ‘our’ space….I know it’s ‘ours’, but I keep feeling like I’m in the way.

We’re happy, everythings brilliant….I guess there’s just a period of adjustment. Anyone else have similiar experiences?

2 Responses to “Movin on up”

  1. Charlie Says:

    I hesitate to offer my opinion on this because I don’t think it will be very popular nor do I think it’s what either of you will want to hear… plus I don’t want to hurt any feelings. Nonetheless:

    I think moving in together is a mistake for any couple who isn’t married. Time and time again I’ve seen “playing house” ruin a relationship; for myself and my friends.

  2. Edward Says:

    I don’t think she was asking whether she should move in or not, just if anyone had similar experiences with moving out/moving in jitters.

    In response to Charlie though. How can one make a legitamate promise to stay with someone forever (i.e. a marriage bond) if they don’t know if they can handle being with the same person 24/7? Seeing someone all the time like that is a lot different than once a week on a date. You say you’ve seen playing house “ruin a relationship” I say better to ruin the relationship while you are still just boyfriend & girlfriend than to have to go through the mess of a divorce. If a couple can’t live with each other, being married isn’t going to change that.

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