He’s going to be the death of me, I swear

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that having a boyfriend is not entirely unlike raising a teenager. I realize how ridiculous that statement may sound, and I’m sure that someday, when I happen to be the mother of a surly thirteen-year-old, I will look back at this post and want to slap the past me for being so naive. For the time being, though, just try to follow me on this one.

I’ve mentioned this to a few people, but for those who are unaware, my boyfriend is going to be joining the United States Air Force. Currently, he’s playing phone-tag with the recruiter, but there’s at least a 90% chance of this actually happen within the next two or three months.

Jason is too tall to be a fighter pilot. Airmen are rarely sent to the Middle East, unless they are part of a security force, and even then, tours only last about six months. He would actually have to try to get hurt for anything to happen to him. As my dear ex-Navy friend Tim said: “It’s not like he’s joining the goddamn Marines.”

Logically, I know everything will be fine. Except, there’s this thing where I’m a worrier. I was born into a family of worriers. Worrying is our art, our craft, and we take it very seriously. So while there is every possibility that Jason will be at a desk somewhere in Arizona, way the hell out of harms way, my mind is absolutely certain that he is going to be shipped to Afghanistan and shot. Or blown up. Probably both.

As if that weren’t enough, now the boy wants to sell his car and buy a motorcycle. Now, financially, this is a good idea. Hell, I’ve always wanted a motorcycle. And I’m allowed to have one. He, however, is not, because every time I think about it, I suddenly turn into my mother and begin spouting off accident statistics. Because, obviously, anyone who ever owned a motorcycle EVER has died in a horrific accident of twisted metal and hellfire, just bloody and gory enough to be featured in one of those god-awful Red Pavement videos that we had to watch in Drivers Ed.

Moments like those, it’s a toss up between whether or not I want to kiss the boy or strangle him with my own two hands, because I really don’t know if my love for him outweighs the frustration he causes me. How dare he try and make a life for himself when I’m busy trying to KEEP HIM ALIVE.

But then there are moments when he does the simplest things, like insisting that I lock the door when he leaves and I’m by myself, because he needs to know that I’m safe…or how whatever house we’re in (usually his) is referred to as ‘home’, just because we’re both there. In those moments, I have never felt more like a woman or more loved by a man. Those are the moments that make every *headdesk* and *facepalm* and “Really?! Really???” completely worth it.

6 Responses to “He’s going to be the death of me, I swear”

  1. D Says:

    I submit a thumbs down on the motorcycle.

  2. Tim Says:

    Any news on the back issue?

  3. Tim Says:

    I’ll be able to chat with him on Game Day, just wondering if he’s heard anything specific…

  4. MH Says:

    Andi, it’s Matt:
    hahahahaha (breathe) hahahahaha
    He will be fine. You will be fine. The both of you will continue to have a beautifully blossoming relationship. You just love being a mother-hen.
    PS- how tall is too tall to be fighter pilot?

  5. Elana E Says:

    That feeling doesn’t go away. My DH (dear husband) used to sky dive. It was banned. Especially after we started trying to have babies. I told him he was not allowed to die. I was not signing up to do this alone! He used to smoke too. I gave him the same speech. No dying! Take care of yourself–for me!

    Love him. Talk to him about your fears. Let him get to be the man and reassure you. You are both young and have energy and patience and (in the words of my DH) all the time in the world. Use that to your advantage.

  6. Andi Says:

    Tim: Last I heard, his doctor seemed to think the back issue wouldn’t be a problem. We shall see.

    Elana: My voice of reason and wisdom. Thank you.

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