Let it be known

that Cal Arts does not have the monopoly on weird shit.

I try to be on campus as little as possible. I don’t belong to any clubs, I live far away, and traffic always blows. There are times, however, when I am SO HAPPY to be there at a precise moment.

The music building has three floors. I generally like walking past it, because I always hear a cello or an aria or something. This morning, however, I heard a loud yell from a third-floor window. As I stopped and looked up towards the noise, two heads popped out, one male and one female.

Let the shanghai theatre begin!

From what I gathered, I was supposed to be their marriage counselor, and lord did they need one. It was a very funny scene, probably one that they wrote, just a couple bickering about each other’s crap. Very good rhythm…they had definitely practiced. The most amazing part was that no other passersby seemed to take notice of what was happening…just kept walking on by. Kind of sad, actually. After about five minutes, the couple finished and popped their heads back through the window. I applauded, waited for an encore, and went on my way to class when none came.

Later that day, during my third class, I was preparing to recite my twenty lines of Middle English. This has been hell for me.I worked my ass off…bless Jason for being so patient; I was a complete basket-case for about a week now, stressing about this assignment. About fifteen minutes before my turn, my classmates and I noticed a smell…odd….kind of like…hm. Smoke.

A generator had caught on fire, and the buildings were being evacuated. So at 5:30 pm, I found myself outside, in the cold, under a dripping tree, during random bursts of pouring rain….speaking in Middle English, a skill that will never help me in life.

I’d also like to point out that this class has gone from 27 members at the beginning of the quarter to 15 now, and at least three of those are grad students. This has no bearing on the story, but I felt like bragging about being awesome. We are the few…the proud…the 460.

So yes. Odd day. Good day. Hopefully I’m in for an equally good, though less eventful night. Though with my luck, there’ll be a zombie apocalypse or something just because I wrote that last sentence.

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