Sunday morning

I have to give a shout-out to Ed Fox–the purpose of the iLikes was not to be all ‘*hint-hint* You should totally get me these things’, (though if anyone actually can make me the Fraggle Rock cake for my birthday, I’ll be your slave and have 10,000 of your babies), but Ed loved the Rock-Paper-Scissor-Lizard-Spock shirt so much that he bought one for each of us. Woot sauce!

Alright, until faire is over, The iLikes will be for things sold there…hawking the wares, if you will.

First and foremost:

Yeah, there won’t be an image here. Tried to find one, could not, damnnation and hellfire.

Pale Moon

These are the most gorgeous necklaces, made of bone, and very popular among the faire participants and patrons. Got a beautiful one for my neice for her high school graduation, and I want to get the pretty acorn one for myself this year.

Off to rehearsal.

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